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A FileMaker Bag of Goodies: ExecuteSQL, Named Buckets & more

Back in 2014, I did a DevCon session on “Deep-Dive Scripting, an Audit log…”.  The end-result of getting an audit log was not as important as the journey among the new and old scripting and function features. On the various FileMaker forums I see a lot of questions that are related to some of the features that I used in that presentation so we are offering the slide deck and the demo files here for people to take apart and discover.

ExecuteSQL and Empty Values

Here is a little something that tripped me up recently.  In the attached database I have a collection of cheeses.  And I have marked three of them as cheeses I like: the "IlikeIt" field is set to "Yes".  The other ones I left blank.

FileMaker Custom Function Parameters: Value or Reference? An Example.

Last week I blogged here about an interesting behavior that happens when you pass a field as a parameter to a custom function. It turns out that you have access to the field's value but also the field reference itself. How can we take advantage of that behavior? It allowed me to simplify some custom functions that use ExecuteSQL.
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