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FM Function of the Week: Average

After a brief hiatus, the Function of the Week is back and just as ordinary, normal, typical, standard and regular as ever! Why so mundane? Because we’re picking apart the Average function this week and we’ve caught the Average Spirit! Average might not be new or sexy, but there are three variations in its application and if you apply them incorrectly, you may end up with below-average satisfaction.

FM Function of the Week: Length and Position

The past few posts have covered an array of text parsing functions. There are countless scenarios where you may need to manipulate text in FileMaker, but the two I most often encounter are data migration and data grooming. I don’t know how many times I’ve been tasked with taking a free-form telephone number field, laden with inconsistent information and formatting, and cleanly breaking it out into discrete fields for the area code, phone number, and extension. When you have to clean up sloppy data like that, the Left, Right and Middle functions I’ve been writing about just aren’t sufficient for the job. Adding the Length and Position functions to the mix brings significantly more power.

FM Function of the Week: Left, Right, and Middle

Text parsing pops up a lot when migrating data from an old system to a new one, or even when you realize that your data just needs some grooming. Whatever the impetus, Left, Right, and Middle are the cornerstones of text manipulation in FileMaker. All three simply extract a portion of the text you supply. Let’s start with Left and Right.

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