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New! The FileMaker Teacher’s Companion - Free Download Version

Featured New! The FileMaker Teacher’s Companion - Free Download Version

This is an FMT featured product! Every month we have hundreds of teachers and coaches that visit our site and forum trying to build or find the perfect Teachers Companion! Look no more...the one and only Teachers's Companion is here and we give it a full 5 stars! Teacher’s Companion is the only solution you need to manage students and lessons. Works on both FileMaker Pro (Mac/PC) and FileMaker Go (iPad). Built from the ground up for Classroom Teachers, School Sports coaches, instructors and so many more uses! This software keeps record of students and customers, courses, lesson templates, payments, invoices and more.

This solution can easily be tailored to suit your business. With its vast amount of features and flexibility, you can upload your business logo, add an invoice header and footer, and create your own tuition categories, contact types and lesson template keywords. Lesson templates allows you to reuse lesson documents, saving you countless hours of preparation time.

The user interface is elegantly designed and thoughtfully intuitive with an easy learning curve. Built on the highly popular FileMaker platform, Teacher’s Companion is robust, powerful and searching for records is a breeze with results returned almost instantly.

Download the Teacher’s Companion FREE version...  with the only limitation that it allows you to create and manage up to 7 students. Other than that, it is exactly the same as the PRO version. So you can use it in your teaching business and if you ever need more students, simply purchase the PRO version and let the updater transfer all your existing data from the FREE to the PRO for you.  Go ahead and see how it compliments your teaching or tutoring environment.

Visit the Teachers Companion website now to get more info and download the FREE version.

Keefer Rogers

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