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@, SQL Sugar for Filemaker

Featured @, SQL Sugar for Filemaker

@ is a fluid and nimble SQL powertool designed expressly for FileMaker developers. Implemented via a library of custom functions, @ introduces a fresh perspective to FileMaker SQL ("FQL"). It offers a deep set of tools to help ensure that code written is unbreakable and well structured in any manner a FileMaker developer chooses.

Drawing on tools like Markdown, jQuery, and CoffeeScript, @ offers a nimble, chainable SQL syntax that eliminates the clutter currently associated with FQL. And @ outputs fully formatted, ANSI-compliant queries, making it possible to test and share FQL queries directly in standard internet SQL tools.

For FileMaker developers, @ is truly "SQL Sugar" — designed to sweeten the task of hand coding FQL. It makes it easy to build code that’s exceptionally clear, and that can support complexity without becoming unreadable.

Brian Schick

Brian is a highly experienced FileMaker developer with a proven 15-year track record of successfully delivering complex FileMaker-based solutions to a broad range of industries and clients.

Brian also takes great care to listen closely and carefully. Clients have reported time and again that his solutions not only elegantly address their most challenging business needs, but that he has helped them better recognize and understand their key aspects of their own business in the process.

As a developer, Brian is drawn to programming best practices. He is particularly interested in pushing the envelope of FileMaker design to create solutions incorporating the best aspects of traditional desktop applications, web 2.0 memes, and emerging iOS and mobile metaphors.

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Website: www.beezwax.net