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AppleScript OS X Notifications from FileMaker Pro 13

Occasionally, in development, I find that I need to provide some sort of user feedback regarding the completion of a script or to display information to the user and sometimes a custom dialog is not the best solution. And, me just being me, I want to do it in a very useful, efficient and also cool way.

A Taste of Applescript


This is JohnAustin here with some cool FileMaker functionality that may be helpful for future projects that need to interact with applications outside of FileMaker on the Mac. There are two different script approaches for communication outside of FileMaker. First is Send Event (Windows and Mac compatible) and second is Applescript (only Mac compatible obviously). Even though Mac can use Send Event, Applescript is a much preferable option. It is much, much easier (Take my word for it). Send Event is not overcomplicated. Instead, Applescript is just so easy to get up and running.

bBox FileMaker Toolbox - Featured Developer Tool

bBox FileMaker external plug-in is a toolbox of functions freely available to all developers. Use it to extend the reach of your Mac OS X-based FileMaker solutions to programs, code libraries, or OS functions that are normally outside your reach.

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