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Pass Global Data In A FileMaker Relationship

Data in global fields can be passed from one table to another and not have a relationship. So what does that mean, exactly? As you get deeper and deeper into your FileMaker solutions, you may begin to get a little overwhelmed. This is because a FileMaker database can hold a lot of tables and a lot of relationships. Many times, you need to have more than one table occurrence for each table.

However, you can pass data from one table to another using global fields and a script. Let’s say that you add some global field from another table on your layout. You can type data into those fields and the data will be in that table, no relationship required. Then you can run a script that goes to a layout using that remote table and that script creates a new record and sets the regular fields equal to their global counterparts.

I use this sometimes to log script activity. I can start each script with this global field data entry setup and never have to worry about a relationship problem.

By the way, this does not work with FileMaker Instant Web Publishing (IWP). At least, it did not work the last time that I tried to use this feature.
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