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Quickly get a list of all fields on a FileMaker layout

A client requested a list of all user editable fields, specifically those on three screens in a FileMaker 11 based system.

One possibility is to create a DDR (Database Design Report) using FileMaker Pro Advanced.

But by leveraging the PasteboardGet and XPath functions in bBox I can do this nearly instantly by:

1) Add this expression to your Data Viewer, script step, etc:

Let ([
   xmlSource = bBox_PasteboardGet (3; 1; "dyn.agk8zuxnqm6");
   ig = bBox_XPathInitializeFromText (0; xmlSource);
   fieldList = bBox_XPathEvaluate ("//FieldObj/Name");
   ig = bBox_XPathFinalize
   bBox_Bash (0; "echo \"$1\" | sort -fu"; "-s"; fieldList)

2) in Layout mode, select all objects in the layout and Copy into clipboard

3) switch back to browse mode (so that the expression can evaluate)

4) copy the results from #1

As you can probably guess from looking at this, there is zero error checking here.

For FileMaker 12 & 13 use this pasteboard flavor instead: “dyn.ah62d4rv4gk8zuxnqgk”.


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