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The FileMaker Get(RecordAccess) Function

FMP Version: FileMaker 7 and higher
Returns A Number Result

You can define a privilege set to have precise control over what a user can see or do on a record by record basis. For example, you could create a privilege set for sales people to only be able to access records they created. Your privilege set options for record level access are

Create, edit and delete in all tables
Create edit in all tables
View only in all tables
All no access
Custom privileges

The Get(RecordAccess) function will return a number that corresponds to the current users access to the current record in the foreground window. It can be used to alert a user of a restriction or be used as a method to branch a currently running script. The numbers returned from the Get(RecordAccess) functions and their meaning are ...

0 ( zero ) - no access to view or edit the current record

1 - view access to the current record

2 - edit access to the current record

This function is only concerned with the record level setting in the privilege set and does not look at layout access. It is possible to have record access but not layout access ( or vice versa ). In a case like this, you would also want to use the Get(LayoutAccess) function to determine true access for the current record, on the current layout and in the foreground window.

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