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Dwayne Wright

Dwayne Wright

Dwayne Wright is quite simply put one of favorite authors. Dwanye has been around with us since the days of AOL. No matter what FileMaker subject you are looking for Dwayne has wriiten something on it.

Be sure and visit his blog listed below.

Website URL: http://www.dwaynewright.com/

The FileMaker FieldNames Function

FieldNames( fileName ; layoutName or tableName)
FMP Version: All current versions of FileMaker
Returns A Text Result

Locking A FileMaker Record Via Validation

As you know, FileMaker can be setup to validate data that is entered into a field. You can setup the validation settings via a number of dialog box controls. When validation fails, you can even give the user a customized warning dialog box.

FileMaker Validate: Maximum Number Of Characters

This feature appeared for the first time with FileMaker 7 and it allows you to limit the number of characters that can be typed into a field. In a way, you had this option before with previous versions of FileMaker because you could use the Length function as part of a calculated validation option. However, this is much easier because all you do is check the box ( that you want to do it ) and then enter in the number of characters you want to be the upper limit.

The FileMaker FieldRepetitions Function

The FieldRepetitions function gives you the number of repetitions and the orientation of a given repeating field on a layout. So if we had a repeating field using this function, we would see something like ( 4 horizontal ) or ( 4 vertical ). Now I do want to emphasis the importance of the layoutname parameter. Some user might make the mistake of putting in the table name, which will not work because this function is layout dependent. Also the returned result of repetitions is for the number of repetitions shown on the layout. This might be different than the overall number of repetitions available for a defined repeating field.

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