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Soliant Consulting

Soliant Consulting

Soliant Consulting employs the largest FileMaker development team in the world. We have a deep bench of talent starting with our CEO, Bob Bowers: he's co-authored seven books, led the team that has written six editions of the Authorized Training Series for FileMaker, Inc., spoken at more than a dozen FileMaker Developer Conferences, and has taught literally thousands of students spanning two decades of leadership in the field. Certified Expertise Soliant's team is certified in every version of FileMaker Pro and are specialists in building high-performance databases, hybrid web-FileMaker applications, integrations with a range of technologies including SQL, and conversions from prior versions. We work with your solution as is or can build from scratch. Find out how we can take your FileMaker databases to the next level. Website URL: http://www.soliantconsulting.com/filemaker

FileMaker Hosting Info with Amazon Web Services

If you are not using FileMaker Pro on its own, using FileMaker Server is usually the next step. It has always been an integral part of the platform, and that is more the case now than ever.

A FileMaker Bag of Goodies: ExecuteSQL, Named Buckets & more

Back in 2014, I did a DevCon session on “Deep-Dive Scripting, an Audit log…”.  The end-result of getting an audit log was not as important as the journey among the new and old scripting and function features. On the various FileMaker forums I see a lot of questions that are related to some of the features that I used in that presentation so we are offering the slide deck and the demo files here for people to take apart and discover.

Splitting FileMaker Repeating Fields

Milan Kundera once wrote that “Happiness is the longing for repetition.” In a FileMaker solution, repeating fields as data storage are sometimes found in legacy database, and need to be converted to non-repeating fields. Migrating these fields into new solutions usually requires creative thinking and extra work.

Determining if Two FileMaker Date Ranges Overlap

Jeremy Brown is quickly becoming one of our favorite FileMaker writers ...here is his latest...FileMaker work is rewarding. Puzzles arise from client needs, and the task of solving the problem can be tough. But once the solution presents itself, the work can be very satisfying. Not only does it solve a client’s need, but it is the culmination of some hard thinking, and that, in of itself, is worth it.

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