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De-Duplicate Within A Found Set Of Records

Featured De-Duplicate Within A Found Set Of Records

This is a quick follow up to the Ralph Learmont technique I posted the other day, in response to a comment seeking a generic technique to de-duplicate a found set. Clearly there are various ways to skin this particular cat, and I have a suspicion my initial attempt can be further improved upon, but using Ralph’s demo as a starting point…

5-11-2015 10-47-47 AM

…here’s what I’ve come up with:  De-Duplicate-A-Found-Set.zip

Bear in mind that the goal here is to make the script as portable as possible, and to dynamically specify the field to be de-duplicated, rather than hard coding it. In this case you specify the field by activating it (clicking or tabbing into it) before running the de-dupe script.

The only thing hard-coded is the SelectedField calculation:

5-11-2015 11-01-27 AM

And here’s the relevant portion of the de-duplication script.


To see it in action, you could, for example…

  • Find all “CA” state entries, activate the FirstName field, run the script
  • Find all “Middle Age” AgeGroup entries, activate the State field, run the script
  • Find all “Milwaukee” city entries, activate the AgeGroup field, run the script

Etc, etc, etc.


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Kevin Frank

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