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Danny Kohn

Danny Kohn

Danny Kohn of Inspirations Software Design LLC developed and maintains this site and content. He is a FileMaker 12 Certified Developer with over a decade of FileMaker development experience.
FileMaker Inspirations is a blog for FileMaker users and developers looking for FileMaker tips, tricks and techniques.
Website URL: http://filemakerinspirations.com/

FileMaker Pro Custom Function – Global Search and Replace

The introduction of custom functions in FileMaker Pro Developer 7 delivered power that most of us FileMaker Pro users have just begun to unleash. Without custom functions, performing a global search and replace would have been done using a clumsy, time-consuming script.

Faster, Maintainable Scripts with Variables

9 FileMaker Pro Tips using the Set Variable script step to make your scripts more efficient, portable and easier to maintain.

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