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Conditional Value Lists Pt 3 - Assisting with the Selection Process

Note, reading the first two articles will help your understanding of part three greatly. If you already know what value lists are then you should probably be able to follow this article. In part one, we built a couple of basic conditional value lists to select sport names & equipment items. Part two demonstrated how the conditional value lists could be tweaked for use within a portal. The last part in the series gives some basic techniques to help the selection process from your drop-downs, and ensure that the chosen values remain consistent and correct.

Conditional Value Lists Pt 2 - Building for Use in Portals

Part two in this three-part series deals with constructing conditional value lists that are to be used within a portal. In part one, the conditional value lists built were for use on a single record on a layout. Portals however may contain many rows, each row being a record with it's own field values.

Conditional Value Lists Pt 1 - What Are They & How to Build Them

Conditional Value lists may be the most asked about piece of functionality on the FileMaker Cafe. To try and provide a thorough and easy to follow explanation of what they are and how they work, I decided to write an article on the subject and build a small example file to help illustrate the technique.

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