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The FileMaker Get(RecordAccess) Function

FMP Version: FileMaker 7 and higher
Returns A Number Result

You can define a privilege set to have precise control over what a user can see or do on a record by record basis. For example, you could create a privilege set for sales people to only be able to access records they created. Your privilege set options for record level access are

The FileMaker Get(OpenRecordState) and Get(RecordOpenCount) Functions

The Get(OpenRecordState) Function

This function  returns the state of the current record for the current user. The state refers to if a user has their cursor within one of the fields and thereby locking the record. The results of this state are returned by this function in the following manner ...

FM Function of the Week: Lower, Upper, and Proper

Improperly formatted data is one of the scourges of database housekeeping. For a mature system, it’s like cleaning out the pantry. You don’t have to do it every week, but you will be faced with it a few times each year. When migrating information from an old system to a new FileMaker database, the volume of malformed data can approach plague of locust proportions. This week we’ll look at a triad of functions that can help with one kind of formatting headache: incorrect capitalization.

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