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Brian Schick

Brian Schick

Brian is a highly experienced FileMaker developer with a proven 15-year track record of successfully delivering complex FileMaker-based solutions to a broad range of industries and clients.

Brian also takes great care to listen closely and carefully. Clients have reported time and again that his solutions not only elegantly address their most challenging business needs, but that he has helped them better recognize and understand their key aspects of their own business in the process.

As a developer, Brian is drawn to programming best practices. He is particularly interested in pushing the envelope of FileMaker design to create solutions incorporating the best aspects of traditional desktop applications, web 2.0 memes, and emerging iOS and mobile metaphors.

To find many more in depth articles from Brian and some must have tools and services from Beezwax visit their site at the link below:

Website URL: http://www.beezwax.net

@, SQL Sugar for Filemaker

@ is a fluid and nimble SQL powertool designed expressly for FileMaker developers. Implemented via a library of custom functions, @ introduces a fresh perspective to FileMaker SQL ("FQL"). It offers a deep set of tools to help ensure that code written is unbreakable and well structured in any manner a FileMaker developer chooses.

Button Up 2: Building State-Aware FileMaker Buttons

Our previous post highlighted the new capabilities of the venerable FileMaker button. In FileMaker 12’s Design Surface, the once-humble button gains new-found expressive power, enabling it to respond fluidly to user hovers, taps, and clicks via what we termed interactive formatting. The catch: interactive buttons — whether in FileMaker 12, or on any other platform — are prone to semantic misinformation, in which interactive formatting unintentionally misleads and confuses users.

FileMaker 12 SQL: Crafting Structural Beauty

It's hard to believe it's been only a few months since SQL was introduced as part of FileMaker 12. In the short time since, developers have quickly put this new capability to use with style and passion, publishing FileMaker SQL tutorials, demos, and development tools almost too many to number. Some early highlights include:

XML Parsing with FileMaker and bBox

In order to more easily work with XML data, I’ve added the libxml2 library to version 0.54 of the bBox plug-in. Among other things, libxml2 provides support for XPath 1.0 queries, which can be used to easily extract or set values from XML data, so XPath was my first choice. Although XML has lost a bit of its shine as JSON has come into vogue, XML is still integral to many systems, including FileMaker. Also, the XPath routines can be used for similar syntaxes, so for instance, you might find it helpful for scraping data from a HTML page.

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