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SeedCode is the leading extensions developer for FileMaker Pro, the cross platform database and app creation environment from Apple. Our software enables developers to make more efficient and powerful apps for iPad, iPhone, and desktop. Website URL: http://www.seedcode.com/

Seedcode's DayBack Online Now for Mobile Devices

Check out what’s new for DayBack Online in the update released earlier this week: support for mobile, resource folders, and more…

GoZync - update the files, scripts, and layouts of native iOS apps

See how GoZync lets you update the files, scripts, and layouts of native iOS apps without having to distribute new copies to your users. More at http://www.seedcode.com/gozync-filemaker-ios-sdk-updates/ or http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-sync-gozync/

Happy Holidays from FMT & SeedCode - Templates on Sale up to 25% off through year end

Happy Holidays from FMT & Seedcode! All SeedCode's FileMaker templates and add-ons are on sale for up to 25% off through Dec 31st. This includes the new DayBack Calendar add on, the SeedCode Complete starter solution (which now includes DayBack), and the GoZync sync engine.

Upgrades are also on sale if you'd like to bring on additional users or keep your app up to date with new features.

DayBack Calendar Add-On

SeedCode Complete Starter Solution

The New GoZync5 – Faster FileMaker Syncs

You’ll see substantial speed improvements when pulling records down to your mobile device thanks to the new Perform Script on Server (PSOS) script step. This radically reduces the time it takes to determine which records have changed, and makes the biggest difference in cases where there are a large number of potential records but only some of them have changed since the last sync.

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