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Typography 101 for great looking FileMaker UI's and Apps

Welcome back to our Design series for FileMaker developers. Typography is an ancient discipline concerned with how the formation of letters and words affect usability, readability, and beauty. Making the right typography choices can give your app a feel of accuracy, crispness, and polish. Bad typography choices, on the other hand, are distracting and tend to call attention to themselves.

New! FileMaker Interface Design Tips - Make Yours Flat

If you want to keep your FileMaker Database Interface modern and you should...here is a design style that is growing fast. You will see the word website...but for you it means database or if you have a website incorporate the idea for both! We will be posting interface GUI Database design tips every week.  There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designs on the web, and recent trend reports have confirmed that they're only increasing in popularity. Of course it's easy to dismiss flat design as yet another fleeting esthetic trend. But further investigation into this new philosophy reveals that flat design is a lot more than "just for looks."

Design Eye Catching Printed reports in FileMaker Pro

It's always been easy to create a straightforward database in FileMaker Pro, and with the enhancements in FileMaker Pro, even a newbie can start entering data immediately. But it's more challenging to figure out how to create useable printed reports. Here are a few tips that will help you design attractive and useful printed reports in FileMaker Pro.

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