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Hello StylO - Take Control of your FileMaker Themes

Stylo, gives you complete details on every element of  your FileMaker theme and for me is a definate must have FileMaker developer tool. Many thanks to Bob Shockey and everyone at The Alchemy Group for a kick ass FileMaker Design Control Tool!!!

FileMaker Popovers that Open and Close on Mouse-Over

FMT Connect Link] Daniel Wood "aka FileMaker Weetbicks on our forum" is back at Team Fusion giving you his indepth take on "FileMaker Popovers" a hot new design feature in FileMaker 13.

 In our last article, we introduced a generic technique that could be used to replicate a mouse-over effect. This used a combination of a custom function, script, plugin and tooltips to allow the user to expand and collapse a sliding drawer control without the need for a mouse-click.

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