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FileMaker Themes - Design Palette Our Featured Dev Tool

FileMaker Theme Design Palette is a MUST HAVE visual layout - theme design tool. Thanks to Chiyoko for creating this tool...the FMT staff loves this tool, so we are sharing the love and hope you do the same...I needed a simple way to visualize the new FileMaker 13 themes and learn more about them. So I created a demo file as a design palette. This demo file explores each theme and visually shows the details of each layout object. You can see and experience how layout objects render for each state in a WYSIWIG like fashion. With this tool you can gain perspective on the consistency of your design as a whole. It's a great place to learn about FileMaker layouts and objects and experiment with building your own custom themes.

FileMaker Pro Themes by Michael Rocharde Free Book

This free eBook on FileMaker Pro Themes by Michael Rocharde is a simple visual reference guide on how each of the different FileMaker Pro themes look in a production environment. Each example uses the same base data and has tab panels, a portal and buttons. There are also some additional hints and tips about some of the ‘oddities’ found in FileMaker Pro Themes.

Hello StylO - Take Control of your FileMaker Themes

Stylo, gives you complete details on every element of  your FileMaker theme and for me is a definate must have FileMaker developer tool. Many thanks to Bob Shockey and everyone at The Alchemy Group for a kick ass FileMaker Design Control Tool!!!

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