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FM Function of the Week: LeftWords, RightWords, and MiddleWords

Last week we looked at the Left, Right, and Middle text parsing functions. These are extremely useful when you need to parse out highly regular data like, say, a telephone number where you can count on the first three characters to be an area code (in North America anyway). But when you’ve got less rigidly structured information like names, you can’t be sure how long or short any given name might be. This is where LeftWords, RightWords, and MiddleWords can save you some significant calculation gymnastics. Rather than forcing you to calculate where one word ends and the next begins, the Words functions figure it out for you.

FM Function of the Week: Random

Aah randomness with its ability to surprise and delight. Not like that miscreant entropy hurtling the universe toward heat death. There are times when you simply need to inject a bit of the unexpected into your world (or at least your database). For this, FileMaker has created the Random function. When invoked, Random will deliver a pseudo-random number between zero and one.

The Greatest FileMaker Tip Ever Told

Maybe there’s a touch of hyperbole in that title. More apt might be “(One of) The Greatest (FileMaker Pro Advanced) Tip(s) Ever Told.” It’s not the kind of tip that will help you corner the rice market or find eternal happiness, but if you use FileMaker Pro Advanced (FMPA), it will make development and debugging a but less...

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