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Button Up FileMaker

Consider the humble button. Since the very first moments of FileMaker cosmos, the button has been an essential element of our platform. Over the years, across major and minor product releases, the unassuming button has remained a trusted constant and a dependable workhorse.

Kiosk Mode for FileMaker Go on the iPhone or iPad

Why am I always the last to hear about these things? Apparently this feature, called Guided Access, has been on iPads for a while, and is now available on iPhones with iOS 6. I stumbled on this when reading the coverage of new features in iOS 6 in an article on Ars Technica

Using FileMaker Go 12 to track your Location

FileMaker Go 12 has a new mobile function called “Location()”. Location() only works on Mobile devices at this point, so to test this demo file you need to have FileMaker Go 12 installed on your iOS device, an iPhone, iPod or iPad. FileMaker Go is free and available here for the iPhone and here for the iPad.

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