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Enterprise-quality Web apps with SimpleFM for FileMaker

Featured Enterprise-quality Web apps with SimpleFM for FileMaker

SimpleFM is a robust choice for interacting with the FileMaker Server XML API. The core SimpleFM package is agnostic about coding style. It can be added to a project via Composer (as it is PSR-0 compliant for autoloading) or any other means, such as simply copying it into the project and including the class.

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About the Author

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah is Director of Engineering, and specializes in not specializing in anything. He is, however, particularly fond of ZendFramework and FileMaker. When he isn't contemplating how to incorporate the latest shiny technology into Soliant's bag of tricks, he spends his time teaching his two tween daughters how to have max geek cred, or teaching his lovable, cute, adorable, sweet pit bull that other dogs are not a) evil and not b) food.

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