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FileMaker Server Pricing Changes - A Dedicated License for EACH CUSTOMER!

Featured FileMaker Server Pricing Changes - A Dedicated License for EACH CUSTOMER!

FileMaker Inc. have recently released an updated version of the FileMaker Commercial Hosting FAQ. FileMaker Commercial Hosting involves the provision of FileMaker Server from a data center via the Internet, typically on a rental or subscription basis. There are many FileMaker Commercial Hosting providers around the world that provide an alternative to deploying FileMaker Server within your organization. FileMaker Commercial Hosting is currently supported with the current version of FileMaker Server – v14 – on the Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Annual Volume License Agreement (AVLA) license programs (as well as the Solution Bundle Agreement (SBA) for vertical solutions).

FileMaker Inc. have announced that they will be changing the FileMaker Server End User License Agreement (EULA) to require commercial hosting providers to acquire a dedicated license for each customer. This means that commercial hosting providers will no longer be able to offer a “shared server” hosting option where multiple customers database files are stored on the same FileMaker Server for future versions of FileMaker Server.

The can read the full scoop on price increases here: FileMaker Commercial Hosting FAQ here.

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