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Time Saving Tips: Upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server Yosemite

Featured Time Saving Tips: Upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server Yosemite

So the story kinda goes like this, time to upgrade a client’s FileMaker 10 Server to FileMaker 13 Server. Simple enough. Until… The hardware meets exactly the minimum requirements, slow internet, remote installation. The vendor who maintains the hardware upgraded the computer to Yosemite first before the upgrade to FileMaker Server 13. And it’s Saturday am, less than one coffee down. (Coffee is key to all things).

After extensive searching and digging for the FileMaker Server 10 installer on an attached drive… I moved it to the desktop and ran it and blank screen after a few of the questions for setup. It does not run in Yosemite.

The previous server must be uninstalled before we can install the new one. After a bit of all trial followed by repeated error, I tried the not so obvious. I used the FileMaker Server 13 installer and try uninstall.  It worked, with one caveat.  When I tried to run the installer, it ran then produced an error that it could not create the fmserver user. It already existed and needs to be removed first. You can remove it by using terminal and then installing it again.

So if you are upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server, at least going back to FileMaker Server 10 follow these quick steps.

  1. Use FileMaker 13 Server Installer app to uninstall pervious version of server.
  2. Open terminal and enter: sudo dscl . delete /Users/fmserver
  3. Run Repair permissions from Utilities/Disk Utility, until there are no errors, I make this a habit with any installation.
  4. Install FileMaker Server 13 and Deploy.

Hope this saves you some time with Upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server Yosemite.



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The Scarpetta Group

The Scarpetta Group, Inc. is a Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance Member, specializing in custom FileMaker solutions for desktop, iOS and web. Our expertise is understanding our clients’ needs and translating their requirements into successful software solutions that enhance their business, improve efficiency and streamline workflows. We accomplish this through years of project management, diverse skill sets and industry experience.

Whereas many development firms handle only FileMaker development, we leverage our web development strengths and vast knowledge of bringing FileMaker to the web to set us apart. With more than 15 years of experience, The Scarpetta Group has completed countless projects for small businesses to international Fortune 500 companies. These projects have ranged from single iPad applications using FileMaker Go to 100+ user management systems, CRMs, Content Management Systems, Custom PHP APIs and complex web applications.

In the last five years, The Scarpetta Group has grown from a single employee and a team of subcontractors to five full time developers and a team of subcontractors. In 2013 The Scarpetta Group began hosting a FileMaker Pro User Group that has proven to be very successful and considered to be one of the larger user groups in the Southeast.

No matter what data challenges your company faces, The Scarpetta Group has the expertise to lead you in the right direction with your data management and get your company on the road to efficiency. Contact us today.

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