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Proper Printing in WebDirect Updated

[FMT Update Link] Thank you to some readers who pointed out a few bugs in the example file affecting windows users. The issue was in the “RoboPrint - Process Print Jobs” script. Interestingly, this script runs in the context of a popup window, and we were using a third off-screen window to carry out individual print jobs. When this off-screen window closed, the script focus was actually returned to the main window, not the popup which launched the off-screen window, a bug if ever I saw one!  We have modified the example file to explicitly change context back to the RoboPrint popup once processing of print-jobs has been completed. You can download the revised example file at the bottom of this article

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283 FM Success Tips Keeping it organized, WebDirect Vs FMGo, Building Layouts for themes

Lee Strong, with 20 years of database and FileMaker experience, and Dr. Andy Cohen, with 25 years experience in IT development for fortune 500 companies, discuss valuable tips and hard to find tricks which enhance developing applications in FileMaker Pro. This weeks podcast: Keeping it organized, WebDirect Vs FMGo, Building Layouts for themes

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