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Extending Your FIleMaker Solutions With Custom Functions

Extending Your FIleMaker Solutions With Custom Functions
FileMaker adds great new functions with every version, but often we need more complex calculations or reusable functions specific to our solutions. In this webinar Scott Howard, of Scott Howard Consulting, discusses the foundational topic of custom functions, a powerful feature FileMaker gives us to extend our solutions. This session will cover basic, intermediate and a couple advanced custom functions that you can use in your own solutions.

During this webinar you will learn:

* Requirements for building your own custom functions
* When to use custom functions or scripts
* Limits of custom functions and “gotchas” to avoid
* Standard functions we include in every solution
* Custom Function resources

[ Note from presenter: After the webinar I recorded every step in creating and using the first custom function used in the demo. This new footage is in this version of the video. ]