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Time Saving Tips: Upgrading to FileMaker 13 Server Yosemite

So the story kinda goes like this, time to upgrade a client’s FileMaker 10 Server to FileMaker 13 Server. Simple enough. Until… The hardware meets exactly the minimum requirements, slow internet, remote installation. The vendor who maintains the hardware upgraded the computer to Yosemite first before the upgrade to FileMaker Server 13. And it’s Saturday am, less than one coffee down. (Coffee is key to all things).

FileMaker Server 13 Virtual Host guide for Mac

Over 2700 downloads since it's first appearance on FM2D in March 2014...With FileMaker Server 13 we got a lot of great new stuff. However, the installation of FMS13 will take over the Apache webserver on a Mac OSX server, which will prevent you from using the built-in web tools in Mac OSX ServerAdmin. Many people will have a need to be able to create virtual hosts for especially CWP solutions.

FMS Companion tool for FileMaker Server 13

[FMT Newswire Press Release] Recently we released a handful of free tools to help you work better with FileMaker Server 13 on MAC. Now we have combined all those tools AND included some new features as well. In the FileMaker 13 Server, the webserver part is now a part of the FileMaker server. The new Server Admin Console is great, but we think that some stuff is missing in this release. That is why we created some tools and guides, which we released for free to the community.Now, we have combined thoose tools into one simple tool and even added some more. Even better, it is a native FileMaker file, which you upload to the server. It includes a plugin, that is needed, which will get installed on your server.

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