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Button Up 2: Building State-Aware FileMaker Buttons

Our previous post highlighted the new capabilities of the venerable FileMaker button. In FileMaker 12’s Design Surface, the once-humble button gains new-found expressive power, enabling it to respond fluidly to user hovers, taps, and clicks via what we termed interactive formatting. The catch: interactive buttons — whether in FileMaker 12, or on any other platform — are prone to semantic misinformation, in which interactive formatting unintentionally misleads and confuses users.

How to Use FileMaker Pro 12 Design Tools

See how easy it is to create stunning databases using FileMaker Pro 12 advanced layout tools. Whether you are building a new system for your business, or enhancing an existing one these quick tips will help you take your solution to the next level. FileMaker Pro 12 Design Tools make building a cross-platform database a simple task. Download a free trial of FileMaker Pro 12 here:  http://bit.ly/HgWS6U

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