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24U offers Audit Service for existing FileMaker Solutions – FileMaker Today

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FMT Newswire: Wed July 1, 2015 –  24U Software today is pleased to announce the immediate availability of an audit service for FileMaker solutions, a new service designed to help managers and business owners to make data-driven decision about further maintenance and development of their FileMaker solutions to make them able to sustain their growth.

The 24U’s new service is based on a long term experience taking over someone else’s solutions and helping in-house developers to improve their development habits and define solid sustainability plans for further expansion of their solutions. 24U specifically has experience auditing solutions for customers from various industries, including education, health, manufacturing, film, publishing, and aerospace.

The audit service consists of careful analysis customer’s existing FileMaker solution, identifying existing and potential issues, and suggesting strategy to keep it working and make it support customer’s business evolution and growth. Output of the service is a document with a short term and a long term plan addressing all discovered needs and issues.

24U’s audit service includes all these:

  • * Familiarization with customer’s solution to get needed knowledge

  • * Key process analysis to find out what’s really important for customer

  • * Summary of known issues to make sure that they’re not underestimated

  • * Discovery of customer’s environment to consider cost efficiency of proposed solutions

  • * Code review to give customer external opinion based on wide experiences

  • * Analysis by analytical tools to unveil issues which are hard to discover by eyes

  • * Written summary of discovered points possible to use as a ”to do” list

  • * Risk evaluation of issues to set priorities and prevent largest potential damages first

  • * Solution proposal for discovered issues to ensure that the issues will never come back

  • * Proposal of long-term care to let customer focus on his business

Vladislav Ptasnik (CompoTech PLUS, spol. s r. o.) said in his testimonial: “The 24U company was very helpful with pointing out the duplication and even triplication of the data inputs. The view from outside of the company was very important to set up the basics of our information system. (…) I recommend services of 24U to every company which is looking for flexible solution or to every company which prefers flexible solution upon the exact preset solution.”

Pricing and Availability:

The audit service is being offered for a flat price of $3777 (USD) when auditing a solution with one key user, extra $377 is charged for each additional key user being interviewed. 24U Software

24U Solution Audit

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