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360Works 360Deploy 2.5: Server Side Scheduling + More! #FileMaker Data Migration/Deployment Tool

This video shows how to make FileMaker server side schedules and more deployment techniques for development changes coming from a development file and shipping to a live production file using the latest features in 360Deploy 2.5

360Deploy is a #FileMaker deployment tool, designed to make FileMaker data migration EASIER. It utilizes the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, but it is so much more than a “wrapper”. It completely automates the tedious data migration tasks, while pushing changes from the development environment to the production server.

NEW VERSION UPDATE – 360Deploy 2.5:

Version 2.5 ships with server-side scheduling, granular deployments, and several important improvements to the deployment process.

360Works provides outside-the-box innovation, so you can be the genius FileMaker developer at work while using the most robust, innovative development tools you need to get the job done.

What Does 360Deploy Do?
– Clones the development database
– Transfers clone to the production server
– Imports the data from the production database and into the clone to absorb the new architecture *For large databases, it supports a scheduling feature to run imports overnight.
– Backs up the production solution in archived folders prior to import should clients wish to revert back to the old version
– Renames the deployed file
– Resumes the deployed file

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