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SuperContainer stores files in folders on your server, not within your FileMaker database. You can add all the Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and photos you could ever want to your FileMaker database, and the size of the database will never increase. This means faster backups, less database corruption, and better performance.

SuperContainer is web friendly

SuperContainer is simple to install on your FileMaker Server, and requires no plugins. It is designed to be used from within a web viewer in FileMaker Pro 8.5 or higher, or your favorite web browser through Instant Web Publishing (IWP), Custom Web Publishing, or a site using the FileMaker PHP API.

SuperContainer is faster

SuperContainer automatically creates dynamically resized thumbnails from high resolution images, which load much faster than regular containers. It is also multi-threaded, which means no more waiting for your container fields to display before you can start typing and clicking. Remote users will see an especially significant speed boost with SuperContainer.

SuperContainer and FileMaker Go

SuperContainer running in FileMaker Go With SuperContainer 2.75 and later versions, FileMaker Go and mobile devices are fully supported and optimized. Now iPad and iPhone users with FileMaker Go will be able to view documents stored in SuperContainer with no programming changes required.

Mobile users need SuperContainer more than ever. Because SuperContainer thumbnail file sizes are a tiny fraction of the full-size images, they load much faster, especially over a 3G connection. And because SuperContainer is multi-threaded, your users will never have to wait for files to load before they can start working.

Files stored in SuperContainer are interactive – you can click on them to see a full-sized image, the contents of a Word or PDF file, or play a QuickTime movie. You can also optionally add a button with an ‘Open URL’ script step to open your SuperContainer files in a full-screen view.

Files stored in regular container fields in FileMaker Go will increase the size of your database. If you have many files stored in the database, the file size will become unmanageable. With SuperContainer, all of your files are stored as individual files outside of your FileMaker database, so your database stays light weight, even with thousands or millions of attached documents!

What is SuperContainer?

SuperContainer lets you do document management and digital asset management using the Web Viewer feature in FileMaker Pro 8.5, instead of container fields. You can upload, download, view, and resize images and documents using FileMaker Pro client software or with your web browser and Instant Web Publishing. It is the perfect solution for storing scanned images, digital photos, PDF documents, and any other document or file without the the problems associated with embedded or referenced container fields: slow speed, large files and cumbersome backups, cross-platform path issues, lack of browser uploads, and share drive IT issues.

Why use SuperContainer?

SuperContainer can do everything a regular container field can do and more. It automatically creates dynamically resized thumbnails from high resolution images which load much faster than regular containers; provides better folder organization for where to store the files; is cross-platform compatible; and stores the files in regular folders on your server instead of embedding them into your FileMaker database. It is also compatible with the Instant Web Publishing (IWP), and even allows you to do web uploads straight from your web browser into FileMaker. It is good for any solution that needs document and image storage in a FileMaker database, but it is particularly well-suited to document management and digital asset management with large images or many files with high disk space and file size requirements in a multi-user environment.

Who needs SuperContainer?

  • Legal firms: Store all of your legal documents and Microsoft Office files, using the revision control feature to keep a copy of every version.

  • Photography studios, creative agencies, and marketing departments: Finally achieve web-accessible, neatly organized storage for all of your clients and projects, with no size limitations. Let SuperContainer automatically generate web-optimized thumbnails from the hi-res files for web access, instead of creating thumbnail versions yourself.

  • Printing companies and web developers: Use the web upload feature of SuperContainer to let your clients upload files to your site.

  • GIS, cartographers, architects, and scientific researchers: Store terabytes of digital images, maps, floorplans, and data samples without bogging down FileMaker.

  • Anyone that needs to store large documents and images in a multi-user environment.

How does SuperContainer work?

SuperContainer is a Java servlet which allows you to upload, view, and download images and files from a web server. By using the Web Viewer layout object in FileMaker, it can be embedded directly into your FileMaker layouts and the Web Publishing Engine (WPE), giving the appearance and behavior of a container field. Installation couldn’t be easier – just download and double-click, and your SuperContainer server is running.

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