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5 Ways to Optimize & Integrate Your Solution

5 Ways to Optimize & Integrate Your Solution
Fabio Bosisio (Beezwax Datatools Inc)

In this presentation, I share the challenges I faced and the application design and infrastructure strategies I chose to help and grow a business. This business started with three stores and now has a dozen stores distributed over a vast geographical area. And it continues to expand. Going through a timeline, I describe how a monolithic application evolved and transformed over time and moved from remote desktop services to serverless technologies. We completely rewrote the application in recent years with the aim of modernizing the data structure and responding to the customer’s continuous expansion. It is now an ecosystem of custom apps designed to respond to specific tasks, integrated with third-party services (mail marketing, services logistics, warehouse apps, POS), and orchestrated thanks to Claris and Amazon AWS technologies. Future plans for this app include new integrations with which it will be possible to have predictive information thanks to ML technologies and simplifications for users based on chatbots.

0:08 – Case Study Introduction & Presentation
12:38 – Make It Fast
18:50 – Make It Serverless
28:07 – Make It Efficient
35:40 – Make It Speak
41:30 – Make It Connect

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