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7 Factors That Affect FileMaker Wan Performance and Hosting

This video explores the different factors that can affect the performance of your hosted FileMaker solution. We created seven factors here but there are probably even more – these are the main factors that can help you determine what might be causing FileMaker slowness over the WAN when hosting your FileMaker solution and FileMaker App.

Here at Productive Computing, we plan to make more FileMaker Training and FileMaker Hosting videos. We provide both Shared FileMaker hosting as well as Dedicated FileMaker Hosting and FileMaker Cloud consulting services using mostly AWS and FileMaker Server.

Additional video links on how to improve/ optimize your FileMaker solution over the wide area network:
1. Skeleton Key Presents: Improving FileMaker Custom App Performance: https://youtu.be/D7LmguEcStY
2. Eight ways to make FileMaker databases run even faster: https://youtu.be/yNRNMgs–T4

Please visit http://filemakerhostingservice.com/ for more information on PCI’s FileMaker Pro Hosting.

Other ways to contact us:
• Website: http://www.productivecomputing.com
• Email: sales@productivecomputing.com
• Phone: (760) 510-1200

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