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A Couple FileMaker Functions To Help Track User Activity – FileMaker Today

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From Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM

Certified FileMaker Developer


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Introduced With FileMaker 7

Returns A Numeric Result

The Get(UserCount) function returns the number of users / clients currently accessing the active FileMaker file. It will return a 1 if the file is not being shared, because there is only one user. If the file is being shared, it will return 1 for the host and then the number of clients or guests using the file via standard FileMaker networking. By standard networking, I mean the function will not count web, ODBC or JDBC connections as users.


Introduced With FileMaker 7

Returns A Text Result

The Get(UserName) function will return a text string of the user name as specified in the FileMaker general tab application preferences. On the surface, this can be a nice tool to build auditing information about who creates or modifies a record.

A Couple FileMaker Functions To Help Track User Activity However, there are some drawbacks to using this function instead of the Get(AccountName) function. It is not uncommon for more than one user to use the same computer. In a case such as this, the Get(UserName) function will return the same value for each user because the information in the General Preference area does not change.

On the flip side, a user can change this information and reflect that they are someone they are not. So many records can be flagged incorrectly or (heaven forbid) you use this function for security reasons, the security model could be defeated easily.

So in more cases in which you are tempted to use the Get(UserName) function, I’d recommend the Get(AccountName) function instead.


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