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Our sites and concept started way back in 1997 as the source to bring everything FileMaker into one central location…our about us “way back then” still stands today! Click us up and see the evolution on the “Way Back Time Machine” we are the original FileMaker Community and Forum and shaped many other sites that are now online, including the FileMaker Inc.  Forum &  Community.

FileMaker Today & the Original FileMaker Forum are for you, the FileMaker Community, built and maintained by everyday FileMaker people like you who are rabid fans of FileMaker Pro.

We have put together sites you, the FileMaker Pro user, can call your own. Through FileMaker Today & forums, we seek to create a vibrant, informative, and compelling place for global FileMaker Pro users to get information on News, Links, Resources, and “all things FileMaker” all in one place. Showcasing the Best of the FileMaker Community, the innovators, the authors…the wow factors.

In 1996 we first thought up our concept for a FileMaker Pro USER site; we wanted to include all the ideas we held about what makes us unique in the FileMaker world. We wanted to build a site whose very design encapsulates our FileMaker creed, “To think differently.” We wanted to invite fellow FileMaker community members to shape what appears on the site. We wanted to put into action all our hopes for serving the FileMaker community. We wanted to support the FileMaker innovations we love. And we wanted to show off the FileMaker site we work so hard to create.

We’re dreamers, and proud of it. But in serving the FileMaker Pro community, we’re practical and committed. Our goal is to provide the people who visit our site access to the best the Web offers for FileMaker Pro. As fellow members of this community we also offer our expertise and advice for getting the most from FileMaker Pro. And we want to do our part to inform people about the daily- changing FileMaker Pro environment.

To reach our goals, we’ve created a spot that offers the best of the Web for FileMaker Pro – an easy use FileMaker Forum where you can get answers, give advice or just share thoughts with others in the FileMaker community. We’ve created a one-stop point for the latest FileMaker News. We’ve asked some of our resident gurus to offer their insights into the templates/plugins and databases they have designed. We’ve scoured the Web to offer freshly condensed FileMaker Pro News. We’ve included the best FileMaker Pro Blogs from some of the brightest minds in FileMaker, keep track of new and upcoming FileMaker trends, FileMaker Events, a FileMaker Developer Directory and much, much more.


Ross MacLane
A FileMaker Pro Enthusiast

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