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Friday, December 9, 2022

Advanced FileMaker Techniques


Ross Johnson, Senior Application Developer at Soliant Consulting returns to share some of the cool FileMaker tricks he has been working on. Regular CAFDA attendees have been privileged to experience Ross’s creative solutions to FileMaker challenges in person and, now Ross’s ideas can be shared by all. Demos included in this meeting:

* Multi-page PDFs from text blob: Trick to get giant text blobs to print to multiple pages
* Find in page: UI feature to search found set and jump to result
* Checkbox selector: UI feature to select multiple records
* Fuzzy search feature: UI feature to search records and display results even for non-exact matches or misspelled search criteria.
* More dynamic PDF reports: Alternative method for creating PDFs allowing for tighter control on the content displayed on the page. (E.g., Display records from multiple tables on same page, insert page break anywhere)

Download the demo files:

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