Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Advanced Patterns for CI/CD with Salesforce DX

Delivering high quality releases at a fast pace is a challenge many organizations struggle with. With so many factors to consider, ranging from versioning and metadata management, to source control integration and automated testing, it’s no wonder so many organizations default to simple change sets. In this session, we’re going to demystify the complexity of CI/CD with advanced patterns that will get your org releasing faster, and with less overhead. Join one of our leading Salesforce DX Architects as we explore brand new capabilities on the Salesforce Platform for visualizing and managing change, how these tie into your version control system, what role packaging can play to untangle metadata dependencies, and much more. You’ll walk away with new release management skills, tricks for automating key workflows, and a much deeper understanding of how Salesforce empowers teams to embrace modern DevOps practices in a familiar way.



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