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Last Update June 23, 2017

By Clicking the PayPal Purchase  Button, you agree to all the following terms on this documented. This is just a quick update and a reminder that there are some very small changes to your FMT Advertising Package/Agreement. These are minor changes but should be marked on your Package/Agreement, your PayPal Credit Card Auto Payment Agreement/Receipt with your auto payment amount and your business & personal reminders. If you agreed and paid PayPal with your balance or with a  Credit Card Company $1500 for your annual banner – blog/vlog, affiliate – subscription.  ALL ADVERTISING IS AUTO RENEW unless otherwise specified. That is the amount that you will auto pay as agreed before the auto renewal on your invoice …. if you wish to continue your account for it’s time period…NO ACTION IS NECESSARY…. if you do not want renew, simply log into your Online PayPal Account and Cancel before your auto renew date, do the same if you have multiple accounts, your account will be cancelled instantly and you will have no further charges after your plan expires.  If you bought your package on June 23, 2017, you will need to cancel before 11:59 June 22, 2018, if you cancel on or after 11:59 June 22, 2018 “which is after your automated renewal date, your package is auto renewed automatically by Your Online PayPal Account. Confused, please give us a call 402-541-4978. No Email Cancellations or phone cancellations are accepted.  NO CHARGE-BACKS – NO EXCUSES.  BY PURCHASING  an FMT ADVERTISING MARKETING SUBSCRIPTION YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND PROMISE TO BE BOUND TO THESE TERMS.

  • As of this date all monthly, semi annual and annual subscription advertising cancellations MUST be made using your Online PayPal Account before your package automatic renewal date. This date is clearly indicated on your PayPal Receipts. This auto renewal date will never change. This is only necessary for affiliates that wish to cancel/stop their advertising agreement. If you do not wish to cancel no action is necessary.
  • We do not or have ever offered email or phone call cancellations…this will result in an auto renewal. You  must use your Online PayPal Account to cancel any subscriptions as we do not keep any personal information on our system for your security. You can cancel anytime 24-7-365 using your Online PayPal Account and this cancels advertising package automatic/instant and results in no further charges.
  • WE are also here for any problems with your banners, content and referrals. Just email us at .  Most issues are resolved within 24 hours. Once again we cannot address cancellation requests by phone or email as we do not have that information on our system.
  • All banner ads are done at no charge to you saving you over $500 in most cases . You must contact your assigned ad agent by phone or email to be sure the ads are done the way you requested and everyone is on the same page. Your package will not start until you tell us you ad/s are what you want and ready to start. All monthly articles should be emailed to your account rep at least 5 days before you wish to have in published. In Most cases they will be published the same day. FREE articles are for Banner Customers only.
  • If you have phone questions please call us at 402-541-4978 Mon – Fri 8AM -5PM
  • We do not issue refunds OR CREDIT CARD CHARGE-BACKS for any reason, no exceptions for anyone. 

Some people try to tell their credit card companies they cancelled their ad subscription by email as a result of forgetting to cancel. Cancellations can only be made on YOUR Online PayPal Account, we do not provide refunds OR CREDIT  CARD CHARGE BACKSPlease do not attempt to pull the famous I sent an email to cancel and to request a refund before the auto renewal date. It can’t be done, all monthly, semi annual and annual subscription advertising cancellations MUST be made using your Online PayPal Account before your package automatic renewal date. Once again…  If an email or phone cancellation w/ refund request is filed with a CC Company ,  you lied to your credit card company, you are committing fraud and we will immediately file legal and collection actions. Be honest and just tell them and us the truth, you forgot to cancel. 

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