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An Introduction to Query Builder

Mislav Kos explains how to use Query Builder, a FileMaker tool he created to help write ExecuteSQL expressions. The tool does not rely on a wizard; queries are typed out manually. Key features include automated formatting of queries, assisted troubleshooting, and easier table and field name abstraction.

Read the blog post here:

  1. Donald Clark says

    Very nice, Mislav.  Thanks for developing and sharing such a useful tool.  I can't wait to use it.

  2. Jason Young says

    Very cool tool and great video!

  3. Jorge Bernal says

    Hi Mislav

    I am not sure if its possible to perform a complex query to an external data base like Oracle. Im using FM Pro Advanvced 10. But I need use filemaker field as parameter for the query.

    But I cant perform querys to external data source… could give ideas thanks

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