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Apex and LWC Projects with Suraj Pillai | Episode104

Suraj Pillai is a Salesforce Architect and Senior Developer at Vertex Computer Systems. He has done a variety of projects around Apex and lightning web components in his career. Today we discuss many of them.

Throughout our conversation, you will also hear a lot about using JavaScript with Flow and utilizing constructs like universal mocking. We even broach the topic of how you can get work done really quickly using Neovim. Tune in to learn more from Suraj.

Show Highlights:

All about Suraj’s journey with Salesforce and his current job.
What got him into JavaScript.
What sparked the idea for his repo and what it does.
Use cases for using JavaScript and local action to improve flow.
Real-world examples for using JavaScript buttons.
What Apex Mocks are and their benefits.
The tooling he’s been building around Neovim.
Some of the work he’s done with external services.

Suraj on LinkedIn
Suraj on Github

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