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Arachnophobia proven by Top Call Stats for FileMaker – Video

This is a Classic must watch FileMaker Presentation at FileMaker Konferenz in Salzburg 2017 by HOnza of 24U Software! This video will help your FileMaker Server perform like a Ferrari!

“If you are arachnophobic you have the best base to be a good FileMaker developer”

At FileMaker DevCon 2017 I presented results of converting a complex solution from Spider Web to Anchor/Buoy relationship model, making Perform Script On Server 3.5 times faster. Few months later at the FileMaker Konferenz in Salzburg I presented an updated version of the session, showing a proof of his findings on Top Call Statistics collected from his tests. This video is an excerpt of the Salzburg session recording, showing the most interesting parts of my presentation. Watch it if you wonder how your database structure can affect its performance.

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