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Audit Log and Transactional Edits

Audit Log and Transactional Edits
Stathis Askaridis (SICOA)

In this session, we demonstrate an advanced solution for a solid, native, configurable audit log using transactional operations. Imagine having a built-in time machine in your solution that uses only the while function in custom functions. We also explore the philosophy behind building the audit log schema and examine the included functionality.

0:08 – Introduction
2:14 – Commit, Revert, and Record Locking
4:42 – Committing a Record
9:58 – Transactional Operations
14:45 – What About the Edit?
18:31 – Save / Cancel Demo
26:09 – Audit Log
31:40 – Audit Log Schema
36:36 – Record Rollback
45:45 – Summary

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