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Authenticate Access to Your Solution with Microsoft Azure

Authenticate Access to Your Solution with Microsoft Azure
Edward McPike, Jr. (Trapollo, A Cox Business Company)

Do you want to make managing your FileMaker custom app’s user accounts easier and more secure? In this session we show you how to authenticate to FileMaker via Microsoft Azure. This can make your solution more secure by adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and other password complexity requirements. We guide you through setting up an Azure Application, Azure Groups, and gathering the pertinent information needed to configure your FileMaker app. The Azure tour also features a B2B option that allows users outside of your organization to access FileMaker. After walking through enabling Azure on FileMaker Server, configuring a solution for Azure with FileMaker Pro, we show the authentication in action.

0:08 – Why Azure / Solution Setup
6:44 – Azure App & FileMaker Server Configuration
17:14 – Azure Group Management
28:27 – Configuring Claris FileMaker Solution
41:05 – Additional Resources

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