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At MC Services, Our collective strengths as technologists, engineers, QA specialists, and trainers ensure a smooth and positive experience with each and every customer interaction.

? – Authentication Code You Didn’t Request?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or two-step verification (2SV) should be used with online accounts whenever possible. After entering a password, both methods require an authentication code to be entered to complete the login process. It is best to get such...

Scams Aimed at New Employees

Scams...In an increasingly common approach, scammers are targeting recent hires, purporting to be corporate executives at the individuals’ new companies. Employees are asked to complete tasks such as sharing personal information, purchasing a gift card for a client, or...

When Should You Upgrade to Apple’s Latest OS Releases?

Apple is gearing up to release major upgrades for all its operating systems: iOS 17 and watchOS 10 (alongside new iPhone and Apple Watch models), likely accompanied by iPadOS 17, plus macOS 17 Sonoma and tvOS 17. Apple previewed...

Clean Up Your Mac’s Desktop with Sort Options

When icons on your Mac’s desktop are scattered about, or maybe piled on top of one another, it can be difficult to locate anything. For most people, an easy solution exists: sorting the desktop’s contents. To do so, in the...

Get Back to Work Faster After Restarting Your Mac

Mac users often put off installing updates due to the time it takes to relaunch apps, reopen documents, and repopulate Web browser tabs. We recommend starting  installation of a full macOS update at the end of the day or...

Worried You’re Being Targeted Online? Try Lockdown Mode

Most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to device security. On one hand, many believe they are not interesting enough to be targeted by online attackers and thus do not take sensible precautions, such as...

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