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Apple Releases Rapid Security Responses for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In May 2023, Apple released the first instance of a new form of update for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, called a Rapid Security Response. Users often delay the installation of standard operating system updates because they are huge downloads; they...

What To Do If You’re a Mac User Needing Windows Software

Although users are still passionate in the Mac vs. PC debate, today’s popular apps exist on both platforms—and alternatives can be found in nearly every app category when needed. Plus, many apps can run on the web in any...

Which Should You Use: a Mac, iPad or iPhone, or Web App?

Apps frequently exist in multiple versions: a native Mac app, an iPad or iPhone app, and a web app that is accessible in any standard web browser. Each type offers unique advantages. Knowing the benefits will ensure you are...

Beware Unsolicited Facebook Password Reset Messages

If you receive an unexpected password reset email message from Facebook, there is no need to worry. Attacks on Facebook accounts have increased recently, generating messages like the one below. Essentially, someone is attempting to reset your Facebook password...

Make Apple Watch Apps Easier to Find with List View

With the original version of the Apple Watch, Apple introduced “grid” view. In this display, tiny icons for each app are randomly arranged in a circular pattern—making it difficult to locate a desired app. A more sensible display option...

Make Sure to Back Up iPhone Photos on Your Mac

New reports of iPhone theft victims being locked out of their iCloud accounts should encourage iPhone users to ensure their photos are copied to a Mac (and that the Mac is backed up as well). iCloud users may feel...

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