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Talking Dreamforce Developer Sessions

The Dreamforce 2012 train is chugging along nicely and we have 200+ technical sessions scheduled across the four days of the conference (Sept 18-21)....

Force.com Developer Meetup 12/11

Force.com Developer Meetup, December 2011 salesforce.com San Mateo HQ

Cool Video on the Free Event Cloudstock – The Woodstock for Cloud Developers

Cloudstock is an entirely new event designed for one purpose: To bring the top cloud developers and the top cloud technologies together under...

Authenticating against the Force.com Web Services API using Java and Apache Axis

This video shows how to authenticate against the Force.com Web Services API using Java and Apache Axis. See http://developer.force.com/ for more resources.


Comparing Market Share And API Endpoints of Popular Accounting Software

We’ve recently been doing more Intuit QuickBooks integrations with...

Discussing FileMaker Hosting & Soliant.cloud with Matt Navarre and Matt Petrowsky

Bill Heizer and Adam Russ with Soliant Consulting sit...

Make Sure to Back Up iPhone Photos on Your Mac

New reports of iPhone theft victims being locked out...