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Auto-Complete with FileMaker Go and iPhone

The Auto-complete feature is a great tool, but it works a little differently on an iPhone in FileMaker Go than in FileMaker Pro.

Is it a value list? Is it a spell checker? When does it work? When does it NOT work?

Expanding on the details given in a previous video when FileMaker 17 first released this as a new feature (Check out that video here: ) , this sequel video gives a visual demonstration of Auto-complete in both FileMakerPro and FileMaker Go.

You definitely want to have this awesome tool mastered in your developer’s toolbox.

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1 Comment
  1. Productive Computing says

    This little known gem is really quite amazing.
    Sometimes the best tricks are just using the powerful tools that are already in place in the platform. But there can be several great features that get lost in the sea of checkboxes if you are not aware of what they can do for your solution.
    This one simple checkbox positively impacts the user experience when entering data.
    If you are tired of making value lists for existing values of a field, you will love this super easy developing trick!

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