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Auto Enter Of FileMaker Last Data And Literal Strings – FileMaker Today

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For example, I have an ongoing invoice project for a company that delivers eggs across a large city. Don’t laugh, all those restaurants, schools, stores and even prisons have to get fresh eggs from somewhere. This company will send out drivers with a truck full of eggs and a set of invoices from the customers normal order. The customers may change their order when the driver arrives, taking more eggs than their normal amount or taking less eggs than normal.

After the shift ends, each drive has to verify each invoice and update them as necessary. They have to manually enter in the driver name, truck name, shift and other redundant data for all the invoices on their route. The auto enter via last record is a big time saver when it comes to entering in dozens of invoices that have much the same data within them.

Auto Enter: Literal Data Strings

This is used to automatically enter in a default data string for each record. For instance, perhaps the majority of business you do is in the state of Texas. You can put in a literal text string of TX in the state field for each new invoice when a new record is created. The auto entered data can always be edited if a record shows up that is outside the normal data entry settings.


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