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Avoid Signposts Labels For FileMaker Fields, Layouts And Scripts – FileMaker Today

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If you have a field, layout or script that has a higher level of security sensitivity about it, you may want to give it a name that suggests otherwise. If a hacker were to find a way to get into your FileMaker file, you want to make it as tough as possible to get to sensitive data. I’m not saying that you have to develop a sophisticated code for naming your design elements but just try to make them less obvious. As possible set of examples could be …


Credit Card Number – change to cc

Social Security Number – change to sn

Password – pw


Developer – change to clean, maintenance


Show Status Area – change to Window Refresh

Log In – change to Internal Navigation

Delete Records / Delete All – change to clean up records

Bypass Security Settings – change to anything else!

I’m sure you can come up with better names. These are just a few examples of possible areas where you could have a common name and perhaps one less obvious to a potential hacker.

PLEASE NOTE – The changing of the name of one of these elements by all means does NOT make it secure. If you have these examples in your files, make sure they are protected by correctly using FileMaker’s account and privilege settings.


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