Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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B2C Digital Trends with Natalija Pavic | Episode105

Natalija Pavic is an Industry Solution Leader for Commerce Cloud. Today I talk with her about the digital trends she is seeing in B2C. We also discuss the Salesforce partners who are implementing these trends.
After being “headhunted” by Salesforce for five years, Natalija finally joined us in 2016. Now, she is part of the go-to marketing team and, as her husband says, works on the stuff that doesn’t exist yet. Tune in to hear more about her experiences in this role and learn about where technology is driving the future of B2C.

Show Highlights:

The correlation between high-performing companies and those that are leveraging digital experiences.
What contextual commerce is.
The solutions that Threekit is useful for.
How to balance in-person sales and human interaction with the ease of digital connection.
What live shopping is.
How virtual storefronts work.
Shout-outs to some of the current digital trends.

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